It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since my last letter.  The weather has been kinda crazy.  Temperature went from the 80s down to the 40s then back up.  A lot of the area had some hail in the last storm and some of our members had quite a bit of damage to their cars. We’ve also had quite a bit of rain. I guess the saying is true, “Don’t like the weather in Texas? Wait a few minutes and it’s bound to change”.  

Easter weekend was a success.  We estimated that around 237 people showed up for Easter Eggstravaganza.  Unfortunately we had to delay the Jackpot since the arena was too wet.  About 50 people came to our sunrise service on Sunday.  If you missed out on the Sunrise service, keep watch on Facebook.  We will try to get the video posted soon.  Regular service had about 219 people which, including sunrise service, set a record attendance for the year so far.  I also want to thank all of the volunteers who helped out.  Without y’all the Easter Eggstravaganza would not have turned out as well as it did.

We don’t have any major events in the next couple of weeks.  During the month of May, we will have a Skeet Shoot and a Cowboy Dressage Horse Clinic.  Check out the Facebook page for more details on these events.  We will also be having baptisms on Sunday May 21st.  If you want to be baptized please contact Preacher John.  

These next couple of Sundays we will have membership classes as a part of the trail talk that Preacher John will bring to us.  There are two forms of membership at LSCC.  If you come on Sundays, maybe an event or two, and call LSCC your home you are already a member.  We call this a fellowship member.  The other form is a voting member.  To be able to vote on things that come up from time to time at LSCC you have to be a voting member.  Preacher John will discuss the details of what it means to be a voting member along with the requirements over the next two Sundays.  If you are interested in being a voting member, you need to be there both Sundays and accept any requirement outlined by Preacher John. If you have any questions please ask any of the Segundos.  

Before I update y’all on the preacher search, I want to do a quick rundown of the process as it’s going right now.  First, we are working on getting names of prospective preachers from the Nazarene Dallas District, locals, other cowboy preachers, and members of our church.  Then we contact these people to see if they are interested.  If so, we may have them visit the church and talk to the Segundos.  If they are still interested and the Segundos feel they are a fit for the church, we will invite them to deliver a trail talk at LSCC and to answer questions from our members.  If that goes well, the Segundos will discuss offering them a position at LSCC.  If they accept, we will ask the voting members of the church to vote.  Per Nazarene guidelines, they must have 66% of the vote, but most prospective preachers want to have a higher percentage because they do not want to divide the church.  If the vote is above 66%, and the prospective preacher accepts the vote, they can accept the package and become our new preacher.  If it is below 66%, or whatever percentage the prospective preacher sets for himself, then they can turn down the package and we will continue our search.  This process can take some time and we will do our best to keep y’all informed, but please be patient with us and feel free to ask questions anytime.

The Wednesday before last we had a prospective preacher give a trail talk. Everyone was invited to attend and many of you were present and asked questions.  We decided to go ahead and talk to some other prospective preachers before making a decision. This is out of respect for the other preachers since we had already been talking to them.

We were able to talk to the local guy that I mentioned in the last letter this past Sunday. He has decided to pull his name from the prospective list.  He felt that we needed a full time preacher and he did not feel it was something that he could provide the church at this time.  He expressed interest in being an interim preacher, so we may ask him to preach occasionally after Preacher John leaves.

We have been trying to get in touch with the cowboy preacher from New Mexico.  He was interested in finding out more during our initial conversation but he has not returned our phone calls since then.  We are not sure why he has not returned our calls but wanted to give him a little time just in case he is still interested.  

If we are not able to get in touch with the cowboy preacher from New Mexico, the Segundos will meet to decide if we are going to offer a package to the preacher that came last Wednesday.  We will let y’all know as soon as we make that decision.

I want to mention again that the Segundos and Point Riders have open door meetings that everyone is welcome to attend Sunday mornings at 8:30am.  If you have any questions and can’t make it to this meeting we are always available after church or you can call or email us anytime.  We have some business cards in the entryway that have our contact information.

Have a good week.

Take Care and God Bless,
Whit Wilson
Lone Star Cowboy Church of Nevada Texas