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Howdy and Welcome to our Website!

Have you been down the road and over the trail lookin’ for a place to settle in on a Sunday mornin’?  Well, perhaps I got an answer for you; Lone Star Cowboy Church in Nevada, Texas.

You may wonder, “What the heck is Cowboy Church?”  Cowboy church is a place for folks who either don’t like church or can’t seem to find one that is a simple, straightforward, come as you are, down to earth, friendly, fun (yea, you can have fun in church), no puttin’ on airs, truthful, accepting of you as you are, family oriented place to experience God.

We ain’t perfect by no means.  We’re just a bunch of men, women and children (cowboys, farmers, bankers, executives, school teachers, laborers, fire fighters, law enforcement, etc…) who love God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and the western heritage lifestyle and the simple way of life and family.  You put that all together, mix in a cowboy band, add a dash of humor, seasoned well with some cowboy poetry, and folks who are real and, by golly, you got Cowboy Church.

Y’all come and give us a look see and let’s ride life’s trail together.

We look forward to seein’ y’all on down the road.

Happy Trails!

Ridin’ for the Brand “n” Followin’ the Star….

Our mission here at Lone Star Cowboy Church is to “gather in” the critters (critters bein’ us two-legged folks) within the territory so as to make ranch hands (followers of Jesus) out of ’em.

We aim to be a Christ-centered church where folks from all walks of life can come and feel welcome.  We attempt to do this by lowering barriers and accepting all people just the way that Jesus did when He walked this dusty trail and we do it in the tradition of the western heritage culture (The Cowboy Lifestyle).